Sonic City / Sonic Canvas

A creative partnership, network and connection between:



•Experiments in graphic scores.
•Evidence of urban filed work using sound recording [hardware, software] reinterpreted in     an innovative, experimental and expressive way.
•Design proposals for ‘listening-posts’ or other sonic objects and experiences proposed for the city.


•Explore wider thinking about the city.
•Examine the multi sensory nature of the built environment.
•Experiment in musical workshops to reinterpret sound through other means.
•Explore basics of sound software and use this as an investigative tool.
•Engage with the city and record auditory source material for inspiration.
•Express and reinterpret the built environment through experimental visual methods [graphic scores] and site-specific designed objects set in the city-scape.
•Examine sounds, silences, voices and ‘noises-off’ [to use a well known theatrical term] through small creative teams.

\Learning and outcomes>

•Exploring sound – find the unconventional – what was the instrument not designed for? Do it!

•Experiential – freedom of expression in a parallel art form.

•Breaking stale habits of thought

•Crash through norms to generate whacky ideas and concepts

•Make deeper links across expressive arts disciplines

•Acquiring refreshing knowledge that can be carried back and applied to our own disciplines

•Letting go of preconceptions and creative safety: empower risk-taking

•Create a team of maverick, rebel music sound-scapers

•Detonate innovation

•Enrich your way of thinking about spaces, places, environments and the city

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About fayemarshall

I am a third year student currently studying Interior and Environmental Design. I have created this blog to share all my work and inspirations online. I also have a tumblr page where I share all of my images

One thought on “Brief

  1. This is a genius concept which has been well researched and executed by the team. The concept gives food for thought and creates an exciting experiment in an urban landscape.
    Well done to everyone who worked on this

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