Today our team presented our concept for a listening post along with our sound piece and our graphic score. We all spoke about a different stage of the process and our personal inputs. We did a projected presentation with 4 boards that you can see below.

Sonic City Board 1 Sonic City Board 2 Sonic City Board 3 Sonic City Board 4


A few last sketches.

Our team  finished our project on Friday but you can never have enough sketches. We spent the rest of the time until we had to present on Monday doing a few last individual sketches and expressing our team’s design in our own individual styles.

Final graphic score.

As part of our outcome we were asked to create a graphic score influenced by our initial site. This was to be a visual representation of the sounds that we observed in the space. It was to be completely experimental and abstract from how music is represented in note form. Our image was inspired by the traffic that so closely passed our space. The triangular geometry represents the peaks in busy traffic and the overlapping shapes relate to the clusters of traffic approaching the lights right by our site. Our images demonstrates the visuals we observed as well as the sounds.


The Sound


The track which accompanies our listening post is less a piece of music and more an emotive connection to the surrounding area and the history of Dundee. The existing stainless steel sculpture not only gave inspiration for the listening post but also the track itself, a few of the sound samples were taken by interacting with the metal frame and recorded for later manipulation. All the sounds which were fed through Audacity software came from the same idea of industry and metal working. However, the sounds were created not by machines or great industrial engines but by simple methods such as striking tubular aluminium across the steel frame and even wearing tap dancing shoes whilst walking down a concrete stairwell. The track is not a calming tune nor is it melodic song for frequent listening but it does reflect the spirit of not only the existing sculpture and its additions but also the industrial history of Dundee..

Final Statement

Our chosen public art structure is the steel triangular structure behind Dundee train station. It has 2 dials that are manipulated by wind strength. After discussing the structure with one another, we realised a lot of people simply did not realise it existed, despite walking or driving past it regularly. This point enabled us to come up with the design strategy to attract more attention.

The site is situated on the curve of a busy road, with people arriving from places such as the train station and across the bridge, on foot or by car. Being literally a few feet from the road and a pedestrian crossing, the only distinct sounds heard are the car engines themselves.

After spending a lot of time on site drawing our personal interpretations of these sounds, we found that one particular shape was apparent. Responding to the oncoming sound of cars, the triangle now represents the rising/ peak/ descent of traffic noise.

The triangles themselves naturally have their own peak; the point.

Our triangular walkway attracts pedestrians to enter under the existing steel frame sculpture, into our proposed ‘triangular cocoon’. The scale of the triangle frames get smaller as you nearer the listening cocoon, like the sound of car engines gradually fading off into silence. The listening post is made up of clusters of triangles which act as a barrier to the clusters of traffic at a standstill. This enclosed space will feature sound recordings.

People can sit in the space if desired, and listen to the recordings featured, such as tap dancing and other metallic collaborations of our own. These sounds aim to represent the process of creating the new structure, thus connecting to Dundee’s recent start to a ‘transformation’ in the city.

Our Sketchbook Wall

When we first started our research we all had individual images and sketches and it was quite difficult to visualise our thought process as a group. So we decided the best way to display our thought process would be through creating a giant sketchbook page on the studio wall. This really helped us to express our individual ideas to the rest of the group.

DSCN3906 DSCN3901